Mojo 3D Printer Ecoworks Tablets - 24 pack - Stratasys


Mojo Ecoworks cleaning agent is designed to remove support materials from models built using the FDM® process with the Mojo Support Resin soluble support materials . The cleaning agent is both user and eco-friendly . No personal protection equipment is required when handling the cleaning agent and disposal of the used solution requires only dilution with clean water to meet generally acceptable worldwide disposal standards.

About Ecoworks

Ecoworks Cleaning Agent is the eco-friendly concentrate that is used with the WaveWash Support Cleaning System. Ecoworks is packaged in user friendly, pre-measured dissolvable packets, so there are no messy powders or liquids to deal with. Just place the appropriate number of packets into the WaveWash unit.

WaveWash automatically rinses your model and drains the Ecoworks solution. With a pH level of 10, the solution can go down the drain with no additional dilution or neutralisation

Ecoworks Amounts Required

To optimise support removal and meet generally acceptable pH levels for waste water disposal, the following amount (number of packages) of Ecoworks should be used: One package (foil bag) for every 2 gallons (7.5 litres) of water . The entire contents of the package (both sides A and B) should be used. For each additional two gallons (7.5 litres) of water, add an additional package of Ecoworks. For example, an 8 gallon (30 litres) tank requires 4 packages of Ecoworks.

Using the above ratio of Ecoworks and water, the pH level of clean solution will be approximately 9.8.

Solution Life

How often you change the solution is dependent on how you maintain the WaveWash 55 tank, and the complexity of your parts. As support materials are dissolved over time, the pH level will decrease and dissolve times will increase. For optimal effectiveness, the solution should be changed after 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg) or approximately 40 cu. in. (655 cu. cm) of support material has been dissolved.

Solution Disposal

Waste Water Profiles are available for soluble support materials. These profiles are based on the dilution of used solution with an equal amount of fresh water. For example, when disposing of 4 gallons (15 litres) of used solution, dilute with 4 gallons (15 litres) of fresh water.

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