Financing options - spread your 3D Printer payments and improve cashflow


The 3D Printer People partner with Genesis - they have a great deal of experience in working with both the CAD and CAM market places and understand the nature of these types of investments.  As such, their underwriters can move very quickly - and the service and support is extremely fast and painless.  We'll let them explain more below. 

About Genesis Capital

All organisations need to invest in technology, equipment and business transformation to remain competitive and efficient, and to take advantage of market opportunities. However, many traditional sources of finance are reluctant to offer funding without clearly definable return on investment, or for ‘intangible’ costs such as software or services. This is where we can help.

Asset and IT Finance - perfect for 3D Printers and maintenance agreements

Genesis can provide your business with the finance required to enable the business to obtain the extra equipment it needs. The key benefit of financing your business’ asset needs this way is that cash is retained in the business for working capital over the bulk of the asset’s working life.

Whilst each finance request is unique, the vast majority can be financed in one of two ways. Which way (and therefore which Finance Product is appropriate for your business’ needs) will depend on several factors, but all of our solutions are tailored to your specific business requirements and are flexible to suit the particular needs of your business’ financial situation, regardless of the Finance Product chosen.

The two core ways of financing are:-


A Hire-Purchase solution allows your business to acquire the assets it needs without the financial burden of an outright purchase. You select the equipment and supplier you want, and we agree a repayment plan for the asset. The asset is delivered direct to your business. At the end of the repayment period, should you choose to, you can exercise the option to purchase your asset for a nominal fee. Capital Allowances are claimable by your business and the VAT element of the purchase price of any asset financed can be reclaimed by your business.


Leasing is a highly efficient method of financing equipment. In some respects it is similar to Hire-Purchase as rentals are spread across the duration of the agreement. Unlike Hire-Purchase, VAT is payable on every rental but the rentals payable are up to 100% tax allowable in line with HMRC regulations,  providing an additional benefit to your business. Importantly, at the end of a Lease agreement your business does not own the asset. As a general rule, for assets financed via Leasing, Capital Allowances are not available to your business. At the end of the Lease the business can enter into a secondary rental period for a nominal annual rental or alternatively the asset can be sold and your business can benefit from receiving a high percentage of the net sale proceeds.

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