MakerBot Method Performance Base Station


MakerBot Method Performance Base Station

With lockable wheels and adjustable stabilizing feet, the Printer can be moved and located in another workspace with ease.

With a large front drawer and shelved cupboard space, there is plenty of room for alternative performance extruders, the Method Accessory Toolkit  900-0014A, and storage of all of the available precision filaments and support materials from MakerBot.

The MakerBot Method and Method X are heavy 2 man lift precision 3D printers, and the ideal way for your organization to locate the 3D device is on the MakerBot Performance Base Station, enabling the printer to be moved more easily across the workspace.

Ideal for storage of filament and spare performance extruder heads and everything else your organization needs to keep on 3D modelling / Rapid Prototyping.

Rugged in design and manufactured specifically for the MakerBot Method platform.

Part number: 900-0010A



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