The 3D Printer People are here to help with all your 3D printing and additive manufacturing needs.


Additive manufacturing opens the door to a new way of working, one where designs can move from an idea, to the screen, to the physical World in almost an instant and give both children and students in higher education the ability to bring their ideas to life in the space of a lesson.  The next industrial revolution is almost upon us - education holds one of the vital keys to unlocking the potential this technology holds.                                                     

Professional users                                                                                                                

The ability to perform iterative design in-house, test for form, fit and function and create useable prototype/short production run parts is of huge benefit both in terms of both time and cost.  Eliminate the need for early, costly, tool making, design and make changes on the fly and home in on the final design in less time than ever before.                                    

Why the 3D Printer People?                                                                                                

We have over 30 years of experience working in and around the 3D CAD and CAM industry and are in a unique position to offer advice on what 3D Printers have to offer in your in business, what you can expect and where the technology really is in terms of its capability today.  

We won't promise the World - we'll give you an honest appraisal as regard to what what you want to achieve and as to  whether or not we, and the technology available today, can get you there within the budget you have available.                                                               

Why now?                                                                                                                             

3D Printers have come of age - and are now in the realms of affordability for Small to Medium sized companies involved in design and manufacture.

With access to finance companies who understand the CAD/CAM marketplace, we can make the move to a 3D Printer an affordable and realistic investment for your business.      

What 3D Printers do you offer?                                                                                          

We sell the Stratasys Idea Series and the Makerbot family of 3D Printers.  
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